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Assembling Your Real Estate Investing Team

There are several important things you need to be successful in real estate investing, one of which is a great team. I'm going to talk briefly about who should be on the winning team: 1. Your Mentor - every successful entrepreneur needs a good mentor. A guide. By training under the watchful eye of one smarter then us, we can only get smarter. Start at your local investment club 2. Mo........ Read More

Chicago Neighborhoods - Chicago Real Estate

Are you in the market to buy a home in Chicago? Do you know where you plan to live? Chicago's many neighborhoods have their own unique identities and customs. Which Chicago property is right for you? The only way to know is get out and view some Chicago real estate in different areas. Here are a few communities to visit in your Chicago properties search. Skokie - Chicago Real Estate Skokie (formerly Niles Centre) is a suburb of Chicago about 15 miles from the famous "Chicago Loop". If you are ........ Read More

Act! Premium And Real Estate

ACT! Premium and Real Estate manages prospects and customers for real estate professionals in a swift, efficient and productive manner. It makes no difference whether the user is a single broker or a large team or teams of brokers. ACT! Premium Real Estate is able to service all their needs. ACT! is an award winning solutions provider in the customer relationship management industry with over 2.5 million individual users and 32,000 companies for customers. In furthering it’s service to the ........ Read More

How Do You Become A Commercial Real Estate Insider?

Becoming a real estate insider in your specific area of interest is the ultimate position you can achieve in your community. As a real estate insider, you will know the best investments, be able to take advantage of local trends, avoid pitfalls where land values are decreasing, and present yourself as an expert to the people who matter in your business and community. Having the knowledge and ability to act quickly will increase your opportunities to build wealth, maximize profits from every dea........ Read More

San Diego Real Estate

Before you go for San Diego real estate (or any real estate) investment you must make sure that you have got your requirements right, have evaluated your options well and have learnt the tricks of making profit through real estate. San Diego is a pleasant place and that is one great reason why a lot of people want to get a piece of San Diego real estate. And if a lot of people want a piece of San Diego real estate then it must make business sense (and investment sense). If you are looking fo........ Read More

Louisiana Real Estate – A French Influence

Obviously, Louisiana had a rough year in 2005 with Hurricane Katrina. The state will recover as will Louisiana real estate. Louisiana Louisiana has obviously been in the news because of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. To say the entire episode is a tragedy is to understate the obvious. Louisiana is a state that has overcome problems before and it will do it again. For the purposes of this article, I am going to discuss the state pre-hurricane because, frankly, the state will reco........ Read More

Tenant Quality Affects Real Estate Value

I was looking through one of my Valuation Reports the other day, and found a nice quote which demonstrates how valuers evaluate commercial real estate. "Well located suburban properties, securely leased to national tenants, with modern building improvements, represent prime property investments and sell on yields of between 6.5% and 8.0%... Properties that do not possess all of these attributes but have reasonable lease covenants of say 5 years, are selling on returns of 8.5% to 9.5%, depen........ Read More

Commercial Real Estate - A Primer

Commercial Real Estate – A Primer When speaking with a group of real estate investors recently in Philadelphia, the question arose as to how many of them have completed a commercial real estate deal in the last year, and surprisingly, the answer was none. It seems that many of them were either happy with the currently market conditions or they didn’t really have the aptitude to go about buying a commercial property. Market specialization? No. It seems that the majority of real estate t........ Read More

Georgia Real Estate

Starting Georgia real estate hunt with a real estate agent Georgia is a wonderful place to live in. No wonder you have decided on picking up Georgia real estate for living-in or investing. Your Georgia real estate hunt can quite easily start with looking for the real estate prices (i.e. average prices) so as to gauge what kind of house and location will fit your budget. This is assuming that you have already estimated how much you can afford to spend on that Georgia real estate piece that you........ Read More

Why Is China’s Real Estate Sector So Popular?

The Chinese real estate sector has rapidly grown in popularity with international property investors who seek maximum diversification within their portfolios because the real estate market in China is in demand locally and internationally and demand spans both the commercial and residential real estate sectors. This means that there is maximum room for profits, income and gains from Chinese real estate which makes it an intensely attractive commodity for investors. The Chinese government are........ Read More

Georgia Real Estate – Southern Hospitality

Known as the Peach State, Georgia is the state of southern hospitality. If you prefer the traditional southern culture, Georgia real estate is certainly worth a look. Georgia The largest state east of the Mississippi, Georgia has a long and glorious history. Civil war monuments are rife throughout the state as are small towns with turn of the century homes. Notwithstanding this culture, Georgia is also a very modern state with growing cities such as Atlanta. Atlanta The most populous city ........ Read More

Commercial Real Estate Investing

The financial industry greats will be the first to tell you that real estate investing has the potential to bring in serious profits. They will also gleefully inform you that the risks in some cases far outweigh the potential, especially if they are among the more cautious investors in the industry. Those who have made their fortunes in real estate however will tell you that investing in real estate is worth every ounce of risk when you manage to work through the rough patches and find your wa........ Read More

Real Estate Ads - Home Style Terms And Their Meanings

Whether you’re buying or selling, reading real estate ads can be confusing. Here are explanations of more style terms used in real estate ads. “Split Foyer” style A home entered by a foyer with a half flight of stairs up to the upper level (where the living spaces and one or more bedrooms are usually located) and a half flight of stairs to the lower level (typically housing the family room and additional bedrooms). “Tri-Level” style A home with three levels. It is typically ent........ Read More

Real Estate Marketing – Getting Focused

The single biggest question I get from people getting started in real estate (and experienced for that matter) is “how to find deals?” They say, “I don’t know what to focus on in real estate. Should I focus on rehabbing? Should I focus on finding absentee owners? Should I focus on direct mail?” The problem with those questions is that the real estate investor is confused about the whole business of real estate and the marketing plan behind finding the deals. I understand that you go ........ Read More

Miami Real Estate

Miami is currently one of the richest real estate area in the United States. Buying a property there will allow you live near the most famous beaches in the world, and in the same time you will be enjoying the urban comforts that a city can offer you. The Miami Real Estate recently received a boost from the constructions made by some of the most notable real estate investors, like Donald Trump plus many others. If you are looking to take luxury living to the next level you should definitely b........ Read More


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