Positive Property Investments

“We believe property investors need an objective approach to investing in property based on independent research and sound methodology”


James & Adrian


At Positive Property Investments we are passionate property investors – with years of combined experience in real estate, property development, property investment and finance.

James Denham and Adrian Tessieri are the co-founders of Positive Property Investments. Both are a keen property investors and property developers. James and Adrian set up Positive Property Investments to bring to Australian property investors a comprehensive property coaching and investment service.

“Each of us has over a decade of experience in Financial services, property investing and property development. We blended these skills and experience and created a research-driven service that our customers could not find anywhere else. As customers experienced our highly analytic research based approach, the business grew at a rapid rate through word of mouth. We quickly brought on coaches that were also passionate property investors to work with our fast growing client base. Word soon spread to accountants and investment advisors that wanted to partner with a property coaching and investment service that they could trust.

Our service was the answer they had been waiting for as they were often asked about property investment and tax minimization without being able to provide a service or company they could be confident of.

We look forward to helping you to achieve your financial goals through property investment.







How We Work With You

Our Research Sources:

Australian Bureau of Statistics Department of Planning
RP Data Research
Local Government Association

We work for individuals who wish to start or increase their property investment portfolio with the aim of their goals in life.

We source the land, source the best builders to build your Positive Property Investment, assist in securing your finance, and even find a tenant for your investment.

We take pride in doing virtually everything for you so you can simply make the decision to invest and then sit back, relax and reap the rewards.

Our system guarantees you a start time, and a completion time. No delays, No variations, No Excuses! We work for you. It is our pleasure to serve you. Property Investing should be fun and leave you with an amazing experience from start to finish – this we promise you.

Positive Property Investment
Comprehensive Service

Positive Property Investments has formed strategic alliances with licensed professionals in real estate, financial planning, financial services and property development to provide our clients with a comprehensive property investment service.

All this is provided for our clients at an affordable entry level to receive quality service and expertise in all aspects of property investment, asset planning and financial independence. The ability to become truly financially secure is available to all.

No government either Liberal or Labor will disagree that an average super pay out will only provide one quarter of your required income in retirement.

We are sure you have heard this alarming statistic. Of those who live to retirement 93% will be dependent on friends, relatives, a job or living on charity. By purchasing even one investment you can double your super nest egg. We have strategies that can show you may never need to sell your investments and lots of other options available for you to take advantage of. Your Dream of Financial Independence can be a Reality.