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Instant Equity Property Program

Buying an investment property and building a solid property portfolio can be a daunting and time consuming experience

But with the right guidance and professional assistance the process can be simple and easy…especially when you buy at a discount and create Instant Equity from day one.

There’s a cliché when it comes to property investing and that is ”You must make your money from the deal when you buy”. Once a property is purchased however, it’s really the power of EQUITY over time which is the key to creating wealth and building a property portfolio quickly.

We like to speed up that process to save time and help our clients invest again far sooner than most. Introducing our Instant Equity Partner Program which is a unique opportunity for our clients to partner directly with us and get a great head start with their property portfolio.



Current Instant Equity Deals

Duplex Pair
Instant equity $95,000
*Instant Equity / House & Land
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1

Cash Flow (After tax): $5,591 p/a

Dual Income
Instant equity $25,000
*Instant Equity / House & Land
  • 6
  • 3
  • 2

Cash Flow (After tax): $8,478 p/a

Astute Investor
Instant equity $20,000
*Instant Equity / House & Land
  • 4
  • 2
  • 1

Cash Flow (After tax): $3,047 p/a

New Investor
Instant Equity $20,000
*Instant Equity / House & Land
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1

Cash Flow (After tax): $3,219 p/a


The positive property difference

We are property developers, investors and coaches with decades
of experience who pride ourselves on providing our clients with a
comprehensive property coaching and investment service.

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In successful property
investing, development and

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Helping and guiding you
every step of the way.

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Buy at a significant discount
as our Instant Equity Partner.

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Invest again at a discount
and create more equity!

Here are the next steps to building your
property portfolio
Step 1:

Define Your Strategy

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Step 2:

Create Your Plan

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Step 3:

Structure Your Investment

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Step 4:

Self Managed Super Fund

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Step 5:

Investment Property Finance

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Step 6:

Property Search & Acquisition

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Step 7:

Manage, Grow & Replicate

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Your Positive Property Investment Plan

golden_d2Get your custom property investment plan.

The Custom Game Plan That Lets You “Copy And Paste” Your Way To Stable, Long-Term Wealth.

Why Struggle For Decades To Save For Retirement When You Could Just Follow Our Proven Step-by-Step Formula That Has Already Generated Millions?

Know how many properties you’ll need to retire comfortably…it’s not as many as you think …and most people can do it all without costing them a cent!

How your custom Property Plan will forecast when to make your next investment building a SOLID property portfolio that grows much faster than most…

You’ll also discover the little known finance structures to pay off your home loan in far less time than the banks would like… in some case 5-7 yrs…long before your desired retirement age..

And the one super powerful yet simple strategy 90% of investors don’t even know about which can lower your tax to virtually zero…Legally!




What is aproperty investment plan?

Your Property Investment Plan is a personalised property investment plan based on your finanical situation that outlines options of how you can become financially indepenednt through property investment.

What is included in the plan?

After looking at your current situation & goals, the plan will cover precisely what property investment involves, with complete transparency – outlining all the relevant numbers including personal income,savings and assets, superannuation – plus all the property costs.

How do we prepare your plan?

We look at your current financial position, one of our team will have a quick 5-10 minutes with you to gather some key details of where you are at right now then get to work and build your custom Property Investment Plan.

How long does it take?

After your initial consultation your personal consultant will arrange a time to walk you step by step through your Propert Investment Plan which can take around 45 minutes.


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